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How to Remove Wood Links From a Wooden Watch

Below are the instructions on how to remove links from your new watch. Towards the bottom there are also some video demonstrations.


First, grab the push tack we have included with the watch. Then use this to push out the pins that hold the links together.

***We highly recommend that you start one link above the clasp link. This way in the event of something unforeseen happening, you have not damaged the important clasp link. ***

Most pins come out with light to medium force. If you find you have to use excessive force, please try a different link or flip the watch over and try from the other side. You may need to use a small hammer and a hard surface to help the pins along.

Remove Wooden Watch Link

Each pin that holds the links in place has a smooth side and a toothed side. You should make sure when you push out a pin the side with the teeth comes out first. If not, lightly tap the pin back in and try from the other side.

*If the smooth side comes out first, you can still remove the link, it just might be slightly more difficult.

Wooden Wacth Link removal

After you have removed one pin it is time to do the same for the next link. After you have taken out a whole link, check it fits on your wrist. If it is still too big, repeat the process and remove another link. If you need to remove more than one link, make sure you remove one link from each side of the clasp - this will ensure the clasp stays in the middle of the watch. Then put the remaining links back together.

When putting the pins back in, make sure you push the smooth side of the pin first into the link, and the toothed side of the pin goes in last.


REMEMBER! Wood is a delicate natural material, when following these steps ensure you take your time to avoid damaging your watch. You can always take your watch to a specialist if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.


This short demonstration will show how to shorten your wooden watch strap by removing links.

The watch used in this video is the Zahra Zebra Wood Watch

The small pin tool used in this video is supplied with all wooden band watches.

It is easy to tell on some watches which side the pin needs to come out. Usually the side with the teeth will sit flush against the edge of the wooden link and the smooth side will be slightly further in. You will need to remove the pin so the teeth side comes out first.

Remove wooden watch link

With some of our watch models it is difficult to tell which side of the pin is which as the pin is directly in the middle of the clasp.

With our models Alpine I and Amsel, this picture will help you work out which side is which.

remove wooden watch link


Here is another instructional video which goes into more detail.



If you are still having difficulty removing the pins safely here is a watch pin removal kit from amazon that is excellent for £4.99. The other tools in this kit should help with those tricky pins.

Here is a link - https://amzn.to/2QhRyzq



*We cannot be responsible for any damage caused to your watch by following the above steps. If unsure please take your watch to a specialist for adjustment.

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1008 reviews
Marula ebony Wood.

Love this watch. Its my second watch in a short space of time. Really comfortable to wear and like my first watch I have got alot of compliments about it. Would highly recommend to people to buy off this company. Keep up the good work.

Hi Dave, I am so glad you are happy with our watches and service. We are always updating our watch models so maybe you can add another to your collection?! :)
Ayu | Ebony
Great Quality and Support

The watch is very well made and uses good quality wood.
The design is also perfect. Red, white and silver make for a perfect constrast with the dark wood.
The included fitting tool came in very handy. It was pretty easy to make it smaller, as on the inside of the Wood Links, next to the clasp, there are marks, which indicate the directions you have to push the pins towards.
Apart from that, the customer support is also great. I recieved a wrong order and the problem was resolved in only 2 days.
Overall the watches are well made, uses good quality wood, customer support is great and I will definetly buy another one in the future.

Thank you so much for your review, the watch looks great on you!

Beautiful watch, engraving and presentation box! I love the fact that Tree Ticker plant a tree for every watch they sell - forward thinking sustainability!

Hi Linda, thank you so much for supporting us and our cause.
Beautiful watch

This was bought as a present. The colours and craftsmanship are gorgeous. A lovely unique gift for someone who appreciates the skill and effort that goes in to making the watch.

We hope the gift went down well :)
Zeba ebony wood

I've already purchased my first watch and I am really pleased with it. Really comfortable to wear. Friends and family couldn't believe it was made of wood. Got great comments about it. I've ordered a second one already and that's within a couple of weeks of coming across the Web site. Would recommend to people bout getting one. Peter has been really helpful with my orders. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Keep up the good work.